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  • RS1000 Electric Target Retrieval System Offers
  • Variable target position distance up to 25 yards
  • Base unit system 25 feet with optional 5′ additions available
  • A ballistic shield and target clamp designed to withstand occasional impact from stray handgun/rifle bullets
  • A bi-directional control for target movement and position
  • Target transport speed of six (6) feet per second
  • Easy to load target holder
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Shown with optional “Shooting Lane Dividers” and “Shooting Bench”


Range Systems RS1000 Electric Target Retrieval System provides robust product performance and reliability while maintaining simple operations. Operation of the system is done through a bi-directional switch that controls the target direction and movement. The user simply engages the switch to move the target carrier to the desired position. When held in the home direction the target carrier moves to a closer shooting distance or brings the target carrier back to the home position. When the switch is held in the downrange position, the target is transported away from the shooter to the desired distance, up to 25 meters. Once the switch is released, the target carrier decelerates rapidly to a stop. Call and speak with a Range Systems salesperson to ensure that you have all appropriate hanger attachments.

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Weight 200 lbs

RS1000 Target System


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