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MotoShot Four Wheel Drive Moving Target System –

With Hit/Stop/Fall Response

  • MotoShot Four Wheel Drive Robot
  • Hit/Stop/Fall Electronic Reset Function hardwired technology.
  • Hit Sensing Magnetic Latching System, with Fall Bracket and adapter post
  • Hit Sensor and install patch
  • Digital 2.4 gHz remote with upto 1000 meter line of sight range and variable speed forward and reverse
  • Standard target bracket
  • 12 volt Battery Pack Charger

* Image shown with additional accessories, sold separately

*3D Target sold separately  here


With the MotoShot™ Four Wheel Drive Target System you an put even more reality into your training with the electronic Hit/Stop/Fall Auto Reset Function. With the use of electronic Hit Sensing Technology and any plastic target, MotoShot will react by stopping and instantly collapsing the target when shot then the sensor automatically resets. The robot can then be restarted by the operator. Hit/Stop/Fall sensors may be bypassed, when desired.

Finally an instructor can control direction, speed, and even the attitude and response of the target simulating unlimited scenarios. In a split second, a simulated non-threat subject can turn and charge the student or officer. MotoShot™ Four Wheel Drive Target System is a remotely operated, highly mobile, portable robot that will add more reality to your weapons training. With the Digital 2.4 gHz Spread Spectrum remote MotoShot will move your target in any direction and up to 1000 meter light of sight.


  • Lightweight and can easily be carried by one person.
  • Can easily fit into the trunk of a car.
  • Ideal for use on all range sites, Hogan’s Alleys, MOUTs, combat villages, sniper training, unimproved pathways and roadways.
  • Quick change battery packs replacement.
  • Adaptable for multiple targets from standard paper, E, F, IVAN, 3D Lifelike Torso, 3D Lifelike Body.
  • Modular design allows in field adaptation for multiple targets

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Weight 82 lbs


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