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SKU: 60-60-005

Hard Malfunction Handgun Training Tool

  • Made out of a durable material
  • Unique design will NOT clear with a “tap & rack”
  • Small, can fit anywhere
  • Designed for 9mm and .40 caliber GLOCK® magazines
  • Also available in white
  • May be modified by user to fit other magazine types


The hard malfunction device is the only tool on the market that will simulate a full stoppage of your firearm like a double feed malfunction. Simple to use, the device goes into your magazine and no matter how many times you tap and rack, the device won’t clear. That requires you to know and perform a true hard malfunction process to clear the firearm. This trains your body to fix your firearm rapidly, even under stress. Our handgun hard malfunction training device works with GLOCK® 9mm and .40 caliber magazines. GLOCK® does not endorse this product.

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1 review for Hard Malfunction Handgun Training Tool Black

  1. Robert Kramer

    For years I have been trying to simulate a double feed with my students, I finally have a reliable and safe training aid for hard malfunctions.

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