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Guardian H™ is a compact sized clearing trap rated for handgun ammunition.

  • The soft poly cap allows the weapon barrel to be inserted without scratching
  • Pre-drilled holes are provided for wall mounting
  • Capable of safely capturing up to .44 mag
  • Made of AR500 steel and ballistic rubber



The Guardian H™ Clearing Trap of our signature gun clearing products allow for a safe and simple way to clear your weapon. The Guardian H is a smaller option for mounting on walls going in and out of areas where weapons clearing is a standard.  The ability to take up to a .44 magnum round, the Guardian H is a great option for those smaller spaces.


The materials that make up the stopping power of this clearing trap are proven effective for stopping power and safety.  Made with AR500 steel plate and our Dura-Bloc ballistic rubber, this clearing device is guaranteed to safely contain a negligent discharge while ensuring that no fragmentation can harm the shooter.

What is Guardian H

This product was originally designed for home use. However, due to the capabilities and small footprint, this clearing device is widely used in government buildings and gun clubs. Like all of our Guardian line of products, this unit has proven to be effective in safely capturing accidental discharges helping prevent dangerous situations.

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