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The EDGE Light offers an incredibly bright, visual feedback for when your steel target is hit!  Also can be mounted to the upright post of a chipboard target. Simple and easy to install.  The Edge light will confirm each and every shot. Perfect for use in long distance shooting when you cannot here the “ping” or when there are multiple shooters and you may not know which “ping” is yours. An excellent tool for those people that may be hard of hearing.

  • Micro ultra-bright LED Light.
  • 9 volt battery pack with “ON/OFF” switch (battery notincluded)
  • Does not include Steel Target

**Edge Lights are available in GREEN, INFRARED and RED.  You will receive GREEN unless otherwise indicated. If you prefer another color please indicate when placing your order**

Use EDGE light on your existing steel for an ultra-bright visual hit confirmation.

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Weight 1 lbs


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