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Original Brass Wizard‰™ – Picks up pistol and rifle brass from .380 auto up to 12ga. shotgun shells. Includes a telescoping aluminum handle and a dumper accessory.  Works on sand, dirt, grass and hard surfaces. Will hold 25 – 35 pistol cases before needing to be emptied. Telescoping aluminum handle extends out 49″ (30.5″ when collapsed).


The Brass Wizard™ makes cleaning up the range an easy job.  Your back will thank you!

This tool quickly picks up most centerfire metallic pistol and rifle cases and shot hulls.  Its even capable of picking up .50 BMG brass!  Just roll the Brass Wizard over the cases and they pop into the basket.  It picks up brass from sand, dirt, grass and hard surfaces.  Holds 25 – 35 cases depending on caliber.  Picks up nearly every pistol and rifle brass available.  Also able to pick up .410 bore through 12ga shotgun hulls.  Will not damage the brass cases or shot hulls, eliminates bending over or getting dirty and minimizes pick up of dirt, stones and debris.

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