ACT3000 Steel Bullet Trap

Our new Advanced Commercial Tactical Trap “ACT3000” is a true open array bullet trap ideal for commercial, military, or law enforcement high volume continuous use. Multiple traps can be joined together making the size of your range as big or as small as needed.


  • All impact plates are certified AR500 steel
  • All frame components are 304 SS (no rust, no corrosion painting)
  • No welding of AR500 steel, therefore no risk of heat affected zones or weld cracks
  • All impact plates are neoprene or silicone rubber mounted to flex and absorb bullet energy
  • Entrance to deceleration chamber is set at 54″, which lessens the amount of lead dust put into the shooting area as the bullet impact is closer to the mouth of the chamber
  • Large deceleration chamber: 30 inches in diameter, which keeps the bullet more intact, minimizing lead dust
  • Bullets entering the deceleration chamber safely spin until they lose energy and are deposited into sealed collection pails
  • Cantilevered upper ramp is self supported-no need for special anchoring or concrete footings
  • 8 foot high shooting area/expandable to a 10 foot or more height
  • No need for overhead super structure for upper ramp support
  • Input ramps set at 12 degree angle from center line
  • Upper support system tested to support additional loads up to 4,206 pounds (snow, ice, sand, etc.)
  • Made in the USA

Steel Bullet Traps

The traps are free standing, require no additional support, and have no dividing walls or partitions between lanes. The ACT3000 is designed to be safe, environmentally friendly and low maintenance.


  • “True” open trap allows for cross lane shooting with no vertical obstructions.
  • Designed for 24/7 use for commercial ranges, law enforcement training & military training.
  • Tactical training maneuvers allow the shooter to stand in any lane and shoot left or right at the bullet trap without the fear of dangerous splatter or ricochet


  • Automated Bullet Collection Unit
  • Camera Inspection System
  • 50 BMG Upgrade (full auto)
  • Ventilation System


  • Designed to handle all Pistol Calibers, Rifle calibers from .22 long rifle up to and including .458 Winchester mag, full automatic.
  • Optional 50 BMG full automatic. Tested to 900 rounds per minute.
  • Tested to handle M134 MiniGun. 3,000 rounds per minute.
  • Will handle tracer rounds, frangible, and lead-free rounds.
  • No Armor Piercing Ammunition.


  • Ships partially assembled.
  • Simple installation.
  • Requires 2 people, simple hand tools/small fork truck.

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