Ballistic Rubber

Range Systems Dura-Panel™ and Dura-Bloc™ rubber composite products offer extraordinary ballistic capabilities, durability, and broad range applications that no other material can match.

Dura Panel and Dura Bloc

These products are the backbone of our bullet containment systems, ballistic baffles, acoustical treatments, live fire shoot houses, tactical shooting range applications and can easily be customized to meet specific requirements.

Formulated from recycled rubber particles and our exclusive patented composition, the unique ballistic capabilities and unmatched performance of Range Systems proprietary ballistic rubber have set the standard for range safety and sustainability.

Range Systems ballistic rubber has been tested and approved for its capabilities and performance by the US Army Picatinny Arsenal, US Test Lab (Wichita, KS), in addition to the R&D Unit for Materials and Equipment for the US Army, SOCCOM Element, Fort Bragg, NC.

Test results available upon request.

Our Ballistic Rubber Systems

Dura-Panel EXP and Dura Bloc EXP

Range Systems Dura-Panel EXP™ and Dura-Block EXP™ formulated ballistic rubber contain properties that reduce the risk of fire from isolated exposure to incidental tracer rounds. Independent testing has verified that EXP™ composite rubber has fire extinguishing properties which means an accidental tracer round fired into your Dura-Panel EXP or Dura-Bloc EXP will likely be extinguished rather than start a fire. No other company can make this claim about their ballistic rubber and support it with test results. Specify Range Systems EXP ballistic rubber for your shooting range or shoot house facility to provide safer range conditions for personnel and the environment.

Dura-Panel and Dura-Bloc EXP Premier

Acommon and serious concern facing range operators today is the risk of fire due to accidental tracer fire. EXP Premier products provide the solution of balancing economy with product performance and range safety by taking errant tracer round protection to the next level. EXP Premier meets ASTM-E84 Class A requirements to provide a Class A fire rating while maintaining the extraordinary ballistic capabilities of Dura-Bloc and Dura-Panel rubber.

Range Systems ballistic rubber products are listed in the NATO Codification System (NCS) by their assigned NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs). The NCS is an integral part of supply operations for the US military, our NATO partners and other foreign allies throughout the world.

Our ballistic rubber is only a portion of our total ballistic containment system and should not be used alone as a way to stop and encapsulate live fire ammo.

Dura-Bloc™ and Dura-Panel™ are Licensed and Manufactured under U.S. Patent No. 5,316,708.