Ballistic & Acoustic

The primary purpose of ballistic protection in a range is to help prevent injury and protect property from damage. Traditional ballistic systems are designed to simply redirect misfires and ricochets, not necessarily to stop their path and contain them.

Ballistic Rubber Protection and Acoustic Systems

Range Systems ProTact™ ballistic protection systems provide a safer range environment by eliminating these hazards with full encapsulation of errant rounds and ricochets. Our proprietary ballistic rubber allows us to create the safest, cleanest and quietest ranges in the industry today. Here are some of the ballistic protection products where we use our ProTact systems:

  • Baffles
  • Safety Ceiling
  • Ballistic Sidewall Protection
  • Shooting Lane Dividers
  • Free-Standing Ballistic Shields
  • Acoustic Systems
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Our Ballistic & Acoustic Systems




Range Systems has a variety of baffle designs and options to suit your needs. The baffles on a range must be matched with the capabilities of the ammunition being fired on the range. While we have several levels of ballistic protection, with our proprietary ballistic rubber, we not only can provide you the safest shooting environment possible, but also improve the overall appearance of your range.
Whether you train from a fixed firing line or advance downrange, Range Systems baffle systems can be installed in a “no-blue sky” configuration so errant rounds cannot escape the perimeters of the range. Our baffles also protect downrange lights, columns, utilities or any type of protuberance that is in the line of fire. Simply put, Range Systems has the widest range of baffle options in the industry allowing you to choose both your level of protection and safety.

Sidewall Systems

ProTacts™ Ballistic Sidewall System is ideal for tactical training, close range fire, angled fire, and any environment where shooters advance downrange. Our ballistic Sidewall System eliminates the potential hazard of ricochets and splatter from bullets impacting the sidewalls of the range. This allows you to not only advance down range, but have 270° range of fire, shoot cross lane as well as engage multiple targets at once.

  • Tactical Training
  • Angled Fire
  • Close Range Fire
  • Shoot Cross Lane

Ceiling System

One of the most critical areas in a range where a misdirected shot could compromise personnel safety is the area from the firing line extending to twelve feet downrange. Range Systems ProTacts™ ballistic rubber ceiling system reduces the risk of injury of a vertically misdirected shot by stopping the path of the round and safely containing it.

Acoustic Systems

There are many hazards on a shooting range, and one of the most overlooked is the noise. Obviously you have the noise of the guns firing, but also noise from bullet impact and reverberations. An effective noise control measure for firing ranges is ballistic rubber. Unlike steel and plywood ranges, ranges with ballistic rubber nearly eliminate bullet impact noise. In addition, our Acoustic Dura-Panel™ rubber with channeled exterior reduces reverberation as well. Noise is absorbed as the channels disrupt sound wave patterns so they quickly dissipate resulting in a noise reduction. Acoustic Dura-Panel has a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of 0.65.

When used as a component of a ballistic containment system, Acoustic Dura-Panel will capture and encapsulate bullets and fragments, prevent ricochet from trajectory angles as shallow as 12 degrees from the rubber surface, and reduce airborne lead particles.