Mobile Training Facility Bullet TrapThe Range Systems Mobile Training Facility is a self-contained, live fire training facility that offers all the components of a traditional firing range in a secure and transportable container.

When a traditional indoor or outdoor range is not your desired solution, Range Systems Mobile Range can put you on the fast track of acquiring a cost-effective shooting range that permits firearms training, qualification, weapons function testing and more. It provides all the crucial components of a highly functional shooting range, can be located in any terrain and climate, and sets up quickly.

Range Systems Mobile Range offers a host of advantages to agencies looking for an alternative shooting range facility or the need to increase their firearms training capacity. The most apparent benefit is the ability to have a shooting range on site at the most practical location, allowing easy access to personnel. Bringing the range to the shooter allows you to train when and where you want - reducing the amount of time an officer is out of the field. Scheduling qualification and training can now begin with the officer’s schedule, not just range availability.

At a fraction of the price of a conventional range, you can purchase Range Systems Mobile Range which offers the same full-functioning capabilities as a standard range with the added convenience of being moveable. Whether you use the mobility of the container range and employ it in dispersed locations or park it in a central location, Range Systems Mobile Range may be the ideal solution for your firearms training needs.

Click here to download a PDF of the Container Range-Mobile Training Facility.

Container Range

Ballistics and Acoustics

  • Interior walls and floor can be lined with ballistic steel plate for 360 degree ballistic security
  • Acoustic Dura-Panel™ Pro-Tact sidewalls provide ballistic protection and noise abatement
  • Pro-Tacts™ ballistic safety ceiling and baffles minimize dangerous ricochet and bullet splatter

Bullet Trap

  • Encapsulator™ Ballistic Rubber Bloc-Trap captures bullets virtually intact
  • Minimizes the safety hazards of bullet splatter and ricochet
  • Reduces airborne lead particles
  • Stops rounds up to .308/7.62mm caliber

Target Retrieval System

  • Target system selections include non-turning and turning systems
  • Turning system includes 360 degree turning, programmable operating software, on-board target lighting, and touch screen control
  • Manually operated non-turning system is simple in design and economical

Container Range/Mobile Training Facility Benefits

  • Multiple range configurations offered: Single unit, Dual side-by-side, and Dual end-to-end
  • Provides a nearly instantaneous solution to increase firearms training capacity
  • Transportable firing range in an ISO shipping container
  • Adjustable interior lighting system
  • Lower cost alternative to new construction
  • Eliminates issues of range encroachment
  • Designed for basic firearms training, advanced training, and can be customized for specialized requirements
  • Quick onsite deploying
  • Completely self-contained
  • Powered by electric shore power or optional diesel generator
  • Ventilation system with filtration and conditioning functions