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Range Systems live fire shoot houses are chosen by law enforcement departments and military agencies worldwide for their superior performance. Our relationships with range operators and trainers provide us with valuable input regarding firearms training techniques and philosophies that we carefully consider in our shoot house designs. We also monitor and assess current military and industry firearms standards to ensure our systems meet evolving training requirements.

Range Systems has had an integral role in defining the training standard for live fire shoot houses for the US military. We worked closely with the US Amy Special Operations Command (USASOC) in developing new cutting-edge design innovations to meet their evolving training requirements and are now recognized as the training standard for USASOC.

Partnering with users from the US Army 7th ATC Grafenwoehr, we developed a specification based on their requirements for a deployable shoot house facility that could be fielded worldwide, withstand extreme live firing and harsh environmental conditions, and be installed without special tools. This specification became a quantifiable baseline for the design and delivery of SMASH™, a functional, affordable, and reconfigurable shoot house system.


Recognizing the potential hazards live fire training activities present, structural integrity and safety qualities are foremost in Range Systems shoot house designs. The only common denominator in all live fire shoot houses is they are a steel based structure. The features that set Range Systems apart from all others are the extraordinary ballistic capabilities, durability, and ease of maintenance our designs offer.

Range Systems was chosen by the US Army Corps of Engineers and US Army Forces Command to provide live fire shoot houses because of the superior performance and unique characteristics of our ballistic rubber encapsulating system. Our patented ballistic rubber virtually eliminates the hazards of ricochet, bullet splatter, shoot-through, and significantly reduces airborne lead particulates. This material has passed testing conducted by the HHTTUS Army Picatinny Arsenal Armament Test FacilityTTHH for ricochet and penetration against the military 5.56mm M855 Steel Core Penetrator round.


What makes Range Systems truly an industry leader and turnkey provider of shoot houses is that we have the capability to customize designs according to customers’ unique needs. We can create floor plan layouts for single level to multi-level that include corner-fed rooms, center-fed rooms, “L” hallways, “Z” hallways, fully contained ballistic stairwells, exterior ballistic protection for external attack scenarios, observation catwalks, breach ports, and sliding ballistic doors and windows to create or eliminate alternate room entrance/exit points.

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